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Home Decoration Trends From Among the Year’s Most significant Style Fairs

Home Decoration Trends From Among the Year’s Most significant Style Fairs

While the fashion world has its September and February runway shows, late spring is when creatives in the home design and decor worlds bring their best new ideas out from the studio and into the public eye at a slew of design, art, and furniture fairs all across New York City. Among the main events is ICFF, one of the largest gatherings of creators, interior designers, architects, and retailers in the world. It’s personally one of my favorite times of the year, and a great chance to get a glimpse of—and start getting excited about—the shapes, colors, and motifs that will set the trends for the year to come. And there was so much to get excited about at ICFF this year! Many of our favorite 2017 trends are still going strong (hello again, arches and terrazzo), but we also found plenty of fresh interiors ideas to add to our shopping lists and inspo files for 2018. Read on for more about our favorite themes from the show—and explore the Etsy shops that are already bringing these trends to life.

A color we love: cobalt blue

Every year has its “it” color that, when incorporated into a home even in the form of a single accent piece, instantly brings the overall vibe into the right-now present. And for us, this year it’s cobalt. As commanding and cutting-edge as it may be, this ultra-saturated blue is also a classic, and for good reason—it plays nicely with any style, from coastal cottage to clean and modern.

A pattern we love: grids

There was something oddly satisfying about the array of graph paper–like grids that appeared in booth after booth at this year’s show. Some were up-front and unmistakable: a bold printed pillow or throw, a graphic tile backsplash. Others made more subtle appearances in the woven patterns of chair backs and lampshades. The fun part? Now that we’ve called your attention to these orderly little squares, you’ll begin to notice them everywhere.

An aesthetic we love: refined woodwork

While we’re all for experimenting with whimsical accent pieces and unexpected furniture shapes, we have a soft spot for objects with simple silhouettes that allow for expert craftsmanship and quality materials to take center stage. At ICFF, we were particularly blown away by all the gorgeous and minimally adorned woodwork we saw—endless understated embodiments of the less-is-more mantra.

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Three Things You Can Do to Sell Your Home Quicker in the Summer

Three Things You Can Do to Sell Your Home Quicker in the Summer

The summer is often a time of transition, and for many homeowners, it marks the ideal time to move into a new property. Temperatures are usually warmer which means open houses are more easily held, landscaping looks its lushest and schedules are a little more flexible, enabling interested parties to schedule showings and visits more easily.

Yet, the hotter weather means it can also be a challenging time to be a seller. You’re likely on-the-go yourself and as such, many household chores might go neglected. The good news is you don’t have to spend a ton of time to get your home summer showcase ready. Here are four things you can do in your spare time to up its appeal.

You know all about curb appeal, and you’ve tried your hardest to clean up your landscaping once you decided to sell your home. Yet, summer is the time of excessive weeds, pollen, fallen limbs from sporadic thunderstorms, you name it. As such, despite our best efforts, it can be hard to keep our yard crystal clean at all times, and that’s OK. You really just need to tackle the major problem areas to make a great first impression.

When someone walks around your property, chances are they’ll notice any glaring issues, thinking to themselves that they’ll be their burden to bear if they purchase from you. To that end, repair any gaping holes in your yard and patch up any errant areas where grass has refused to grow. If you have a storage or tool shed, make a clean sweep of those places, too. You’ll want prospects to be able to visualize their own lawn equipment in there, and that’s difficult to do if the space is covered in cobwebs.

If you have more time, consider planting a vegetable garden to establish a sense of home. As a rule, raised beds work well and look neater than tearing up a big patch of yard. Plus, they’re more easily removed in the event that the next homeowner doesn’t have a green thumb. Have extra cash in your budget and a little more time? A new patio or refinished one is another great way to add instant appeal to your backyard.

2. Make your house as comfortable as possible.

It goes without saying that if someone is sweating as soon as they enter your house, it’s going to be difficult to impress them, despite any amazing features your interior boasts. As such, it can help to invest in a smart thermostat that can adjust the temperature to keep everyone cool, without requiring manual adjustment. This is also a great selling feature and can be incorporated into a whole-house smart system that instantly ups your home’s resale value, not to mention cool factor.

To keep the air inside the home clean, healthy and flowing as smoothly as possible, you may also want to invest in an air purifier for dust. Or, to really impress guests, adding automatic window shades is a great way to keep the house cool (especially when no one is home) and add an important layer of privacy, not to mention they can easily be incorporated into your smart system.

3. Decorate with summer accents.

While summer might not be the ideal time to sell a house, you can’t argue with the fact that it’s one of our cheeriest, brightest seasons. Incorporate those happy colors into your home to add a punch of color and brighten up even the dreariest corner. Switch up your wintertime throw pillows for ones in hues of coral, teal and white. Hang some beachy or floral wall decor. Remove heavy drapes in favor of lighter window treatments to make the rooms feel more airy.

You can also incorporate lightweight, shiny metal elements to add a sense of summer to your home. From candlestick holders to accent bowls, these work throughout your home and add a quick touch of style. As interested prospects walk around your rooms, you can greet them with summertime snacks and beverages to complete the environment. Think neat, easy-to-clean-up items like fresh cut fruits and veggies and water bottles to keep guests refreshed and keep your home clean.

Selling your house in summer is an undertaking, but it’s one that can be accomplished. By thinking ahead and getting your property as ready as possible, you can turn a sweltering season into a successful one that highlights all of the best features your home has to offer. So get out that lawn mower, turn on those sprinklers, and put that holiday blanket away for now. It might be hot out, but you can still stay totally cool, especially when you know how to work with this season rather than against it.


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